Medialawblogger is the pseudonym of a media law academic lawyer, currently toiling away in an office in a London university. She has a large family of children, grandchildren, animals, and students. Nothing should be read into the order of the items on the list.

This blog was created as a teaching aid for students undertaking the ‘Sex, Lies and Phone-tapping’ course, and is linked to the blog sites of the students who are currently taking the course, as well as to other blogs sites that look interesting (and relevant, though that’s not always a given!) If you are interested in taking this course, you are informed that you will not be learning anything about lying, phone-tapping, or sex. Maybe the course should be renamed…..


strawberry picking

Medialawblogger used to go strawberry picking, as a child. These days she like to cherry pick the most interesting items for her students…




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